27 October 2020

Association Member Tracking Program

Feyza Uzun
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Association Member Tracking Program

What is the Association Member Tracking Program?

The association member tracking program is a program that enables the tracking of data such as personal information, interview history, services provided and aids, belonging to the members that enable the association to exist. The association member follow-up program, which aims to organize sensitive data correctly and to display and take action whenever needed, provides great convenience to managers in member management.

Associations are institutions that operate by people who direct them towards common goals, become members and support the association in various ways. Undoubtedly, associations whose most important resources are human beings in order to continue their activities, should also manage a process such as correctly processing and using the data of their members.

They obtain the technological support they need while managing their members' activities, donations and dues payments, aids they receive and similar processes, thanks to the association member tracking program. Association executives should consider some criteria in choosing the association member follow-up program.

Features of Association Member Tracking Program

The association member tracking program should be able to provide an uncomplicated and enhanced user experience for the end user. In this way, the employees and managers of the association can easily fulfill their member transactions and manage the process without sacrificing their time and freedom.

Associations with very complex structures according to their fields of activity and dimensions need an association member tracking program where many users can operate simultaneously. A member tracking program that slows down when multiple users are making transactions, does not work stably, and sometimes the process is undermined due to various errors, can cause problems that will force employees and managers.

The association member tracking program should have a modular structure. Various data such as members' personal data, payment history, activities attended, interviews, information sent, e-mail and text messages should be carefully stored by the association member tracking program and should be easily viewed when needed.

Association member tracking program needs a strong firewall. For an association, it is a scandal, in the simplest terms, for the personal data of the members of the association, bank information and many other sensitive data to be seized by unwanted persons or institutions. The issue of the security of personal data, which is legally subject to various laws, increases the responsibility of the association managers. For this reason, we recommend that you choose an association member tracking program that can provide a high level of security.

Aidango Association Member Tracking Program

Aidango association member tracking program has an interface that emphasizes comfort for the end user. In our opinion, the end user should not have difficulty using the Aidango member tracking program, and should be able to perform their transactions easily. For this reason, we have planned that you will feel this comfort to the full with its simplified interface design.

Aidango uses all the power of cloud technology. In this way, all processes performed by users who log in to the system are carried out with complete stability and zero errors, while providing a wide area of ​​freedom to the end user. Aidango association member tracking program always continues to reflect its first-day performance to end users with its high-tech servers.

Aidango association member tracking program has all the modules an association needs. With the website we offer, you can promote your association, collect online donations from your members, announce your association activities, and interact with visitors to your website with the forms you add. In addition, you will have a complete association automation far beyond a standard association member tracking program with Accounting, Customer Relations (CRM), Human Resources and Call Center modules.

Aidango association member tracking program stands out with its superior security parameters and layers. Your association and your members' data is 100% secure behind a security curtain that is almost impossible to crack with Aidango.