Financial Aid

Manage Your Cash Aid Quickly and Simply

Manage your Cash Aid by separating it into different aid types such as scholarships, cash aid and crowdfunding applications.

Scholarship Management

Open special scholarship registrations for each of your scholars with scholarship and sponsor matching. Check your scholarships according to the periodicity principles by creating your scholarship periods with season definitions. Keep track of your scholars and sponsors with the monthly and quarterly scholarship distribution system. Send reminder SMS to sponsors for undelivered donations.

Scholarship Management

Cash Aid Management

Simplify the management of your beneficiary and donor records by creating active, inactive, old and rejected lists. Check service continuity by matching donors with those in need who receive regular aid. Make it easier for you to identify people in need with reference records.

Cash Aid Management

Custom Definition Parameter

Separate sponsors and people in need with special parameters. Identify those in need using filters according to the created criteria.

Custom Definition Parameter
Experience Ease in Cash Aid with Aidango
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can old and new records be distinguished in donor and needy records?

    Yes, you can list your donor and beneficiary records as candidate, active, old and deeded records.

  • Do all incoming scholarship donations have to be distributed at that time?

    No. You can transfer annual donations made in one lump sum, in parts, when their due date comes. Scholarship management provides special convenience for its users.

  • Some scholarships are given monthly, some scholarships are given annually. How will I distinguish?

    You can define scholarships according to the season and term definitions and the intervals decided by your association. You can create and track your monthly, annual or even quarterly scholarship periods as you wish.