Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the answers to all your questions about Aidango.

Dues & Cash Flow

  • Can membership dues be made for different periods?

    Yes. With our Aidango dues system, you can make definitions according to the dues periods of each member.

  • Due to the different positions of our members, separate dues amounts need to be defined. Can you provide this?

    Yes, you can define separate dues amounts for each member according to different definitions such as Board of Directors, Founding Member, Member.

  • Does your system automatically collect our members' dues via recurring POS?

    Yes, with the code defined in our system, you can automatically receive regular dues payments from your members according to the specified dates. In order for your members to make payments, their credit cards must be active and valid.

Donation Management

  • Is it difficult to use Aidango Association management program?

    We offer continuous support during and after the preparation of our Association Management program. With these supports, we make it easier to use and help you do all your transactions with peace of mind. Even our users who have never used a program before can easily use our program.

  • Can I categorize donations?

    Yes. You can easily categorize your donations and see the donors.

  • Can I receive donations through the website?

    Yes, you can receive your donations online safely and quickly, thanks to our virtual POS applications that you can integrate into your website with the Aidango Association Management infrastructure.

Financial Aid

  • Can old and new records be distinguished in donor and needy records?

    Yes, you can list your donor and beneficiary records as candidate, active, old and deeded records.

  • Do all incoming scholarship donations have to be distributed at that time?

    No. You can transfer annual donations made in one lump sum, in parts, when their due date comes. Scholarship management provides special convenience for its users.

  • Some scholarships are given monthly, some scholarships are given annually. How will I distinguish?

    You can define scholarships according to the season and term definitions and the intervals decided by your association. You can create and track your monthly, annual or even quarterly scholarship periods as you wish.

Aid in Kind

  • Can the Eid al-Adha and yearly periods be followed separately in Eid al-Adha organizations?

    Yes. You can follow Eid al-Adha and your annual organizations separately from our period definitions.

  • Sacrifice types such as vow, akika, wajib, etc. Can the distinctions be distinguished?

    Yes. When receiving a sacrifice donation, you can specify which type of sacrifice donation will be made according to your organization and turn it on and off according to your organization periods.

  • Can the videos and images of the organizations be sent to the donors through the system?

    Yes. You can send videos and images of your organizations to your shareholders via SMS and e-mail.

Sustainable Aid

  • Is it possible to manage share donations such as water wells, dairy goats and housing with Sustainable Aids?

    Yes. You can manage all your share donations separately according to the types of aid.

  • What do aid type and stage mean?

    Stage is a way of managing the aid types in parts to organize them at different times.

  • Can videos or images be sent via SMS separately for each type of assistance?

    Yes, you can send a video or image link via SMS separately for each type of help.

Campaign and Crowdfunding

  • How can I track crowdfunding donations?

    You can track your projects separately regarding the donations, donors and donation amounts listed for crowdfunding. In this way, you can easily observe how much each donor donated to which projects.

  • Can fixed and flexible donations be tracked in the projects opened?

    Yes, donors can donate any amount they want, or they can choose fixed amounts you set for your project. This flexibility can help you open your projects to a wider variety of donors and contributors.

  • Can our donors track the amounts collected within the scope of the project?

    Yes, the progress and donation amounts can be displayed live after each donation occurs on your website. In this way, donors can instantly follow the progress of your project and see how much they have contributed. This can increase donors' trust in your project and encourage them to donate more.

Content Production and Management

  • Can I manage the content of my multiple websites?

    Yes, you can use the content of more than one website with different setups from the content management application.

  • Can I archive my content without publishing it anywhere?

    Yes, you can create your content within the Intranet and publish it only for your staff.

  • Is it possible to comment on the content?

    Yes, you can turn comments on and off on any content you want.

Special Mobile Application

  • Is internet required to use my mobile application ?

    Yes. Internet connection is required as Aidango is a web-based application.

  • Will my mobile application work on all platforms?

    Yes. It works perfectly on all mobile phones and tablets that use IOS or Android.

Accounting Management

  • Are data records automatically generated from income items linked to donations?

    Yes. Income records are automatically created when a donation is linked to a donation with an income item.

  • Can I link different donation items to the same income item?

    Yes. You can provide central income control by linking more than one donation item to the same income item.

  • Can income and expense records be taken as a breakdown?

    Yes. You can export your income and expense records in Excel.


  • What are the features of integration applications?

    You can integrate with bank accounts, bank POS systems, cloud services, e-mail services, SMS services and call center services.

  • Can I add a timer to the integration application?

    Yes, you can add a custom timer to all your integrations and specify a date and time range.

  • Can amounts coming from bank transaction integration be quickly converted into donations?

    Yes, bank transaction data is quickly converted to the donation form and payment information is automatically added.