09 April 2021

Member Management System

Feyza Uzun
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Member Management System

Information to Allow You to Use the Member Management System

You have a great team and are you complaining about not getting the results you want despite working long hours? Then this article is for you. If one or more of the items that we will briefly mention below describe your situation, you should immediately review your resources and seriously consider acquiring a member management system.

1. Do you have a problem with not being able to leave the office on time?

While dealing with your association's membership transactions, you may not realize how time passes and you have to spend extra time at the office almost every time. While this is a very common situation for institutions that do not have a member management system, nowadays the word "ancient" is used for such institutions.

2. Excel spreadsheets haunting your dreams?

Debtors are red, those who pay their debts are green, those who participate in the events are light blue, those who donate are orange, those who attend and donate are yellow… Are you one of those who continue to process the same paintings in your dreams when you spend long hours doing all these coloring and follow-up work and put your head on the pillow at night? It is just one of the interesting things you may encounter when you don't have a member management system and it is an obvious indicator that it is time to introduce you to Aidango.

3. Are you afraid of losing your credibility while following each member one by one?

When the dues period comes, do you have to grapple with the boring task of following each member one by one, marking the payers and calling the members who have expired one by one? Moreover, are you afraid of taking risks such as losing your credibility and even experiencing legal problems in a possible error during these searches? Then we can tell you that those who use the member management system can handle all these transactions automatically ...

4. Your member relationships have weakened and are you having difficulty collecting dues?

Institutions that do not use a member management system have limited overtime to spend for member relations. For this reason, the interaction of the members who cannot find sufficient attention and communication with your association is interrupted at some point. This deduction may result in losing your members, no matter how much you adopt your goals. Thanks to the member management system, you can find the chance to devote more time to your member relations.

5. Can't you get your targeted participation in your activities?

Organizing events while running your managerial work is a really difficult task. Moreover, if you cannot carry out a successful work in member management, it may be very difficult for you to get the necessary participation, no matter how much effort you have put into these organizations. With Aidango, event management is easier than ever and it gives you additional time to work to increase participation.

6. Do the bulk e-mail and sms costs you send to your members hurt?

For foundations and associations, the most important communication tools used to strengthen member relations and mobilize the mass are undoubtedly the e-mails and short messages you send. Of course, when you purchase both services externally, you will encounter high invoices. Foundations and associations that prefer Aidango as their member management system, on the other hand, benefit from these two services with very suitable solutions. So, choose Aidango in the member management system, don't worry about interaction ...

7. Have you moved away from your goals?

Struggling with member management jobs while maintaining managerial processes can distract you from your goals. Manually maintaining processes such as following up each member, ensuring interaction, checking whether the payments are made or not is not a very efficient solution, but it may not leave you breathing space.

Member management system which is used as world's first and only association the operation of both the administrative process with Aidango the ERP software which facilitates you to access the created many tools and services in order to maintain healthy and member management. Please contact us to meet Aidango, which will allow you to forget all the negativities mentioned above and find more efficient solutions while managing your organization.