15 July 2021

Association Software Cloud Technology

Barış Dur
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Association Software Cloud Technology

The association software liberates the association's employees and managers thanks to cloud technology. In order to explain this subject in more detail, first of all, it is necessary to explain the cloud technology in an understandable way. Cloud technology is an information technology that enables web-based applications to provide uninterrupted service, prevents you from being connected to any place, and allows you to do your transactions very quickly thanks to the strong infrastructure it provides. Thanks to the rapid increase in the sectors that adapt with the development of technology, it is used by large masses in the world today. Well, if the association software uses cloud technology, what kind of benefits will it bring to your association? Let's try to answer this question...

Effective Database Management

When the association software did not use cloud technology, it was managed by a software located in a single center and the database it was connected to. This meant that all the data belonging to the members of the association were in a single center and had to be transported by different means of transport if needed. Thanks to cloud technology, all data has been made accessible in a secure environment. This means; When you want to take action regarding any member, we have the freedom to do so regardless of time and place. With the cloud technology, which is the association software that eliminates the security weaknesses created by the storage of member data on portable drives, you will also comply with the responsibilities imposed by the Personal Data Protection Law, which has heavy sanctions today.

Saving time

In cumbersome structures where technology is not used, you have to assign a different personnel to do every job. For example, hiring a staff member to keep member information up-to-date brings additional costs to your association in terms of time to be spent as well as financial burdens. Thanks to the cloud technology of the association software, when you have an integrated website, it is possible for your members to update their information and even make the transactions related to the events themselves. Thanks to the time savings this will create, you will have the opportunity to concentrate on different processes.

Effective Teamwork

Associations can become large organizations in line with their goals. After the organization is ensured, teamwork and coordination must be done correctly. Thanks to cloud technology, it becomes easier for your team members to report to each other or to the authorized unit at every step. After the reports are easily collected in a single center, coordination can be done more easily and quickly accordingly.

Environmentally Responsible Operation

Before the digital transformation, almost every document, every member profile and reports were converted into paper printouts and stored. After the digital transformation, this situation started to be managed with more environmentally friendly solutions thanks to the cloud technology of the association software. The use of chemicals such as paper and ink has decreased considerably, with e-signed official documents instead of paper printouts, digital storage of reports in various formats and the inclusion of member information in the database.

End Security Concerns

It is natural that there are associations experiencing question marks about digitalization. The idea of ​​storing all the data of the association on a server other than the association may bother you. Although there have been bad examples feeding these concerns in the past years, thanks to the important security improvements in recent years, all your data can now be safely stored at a rate of 99%. Moreover, thanks to additional security measures, various services have developed that hide the source of access to the association's data. Attackers attempting data theft cannot detect the server where the association data is located.

Aidango association software offers all the power of cloud technology to its users. Thanks to Aidango, which includes the modules and services needed in the management of all processes regardless of time and place, the freedom of the employees and managers of the association is also ensured. The integrated website facilitates the access of the members of the association to your association, while the Android and iOS-based applications enable the managers to follow the processes closely.