Customer Services

Membership Agreement

1. Parties

a) Verisay İletişim ve Bilgi Teknolojileri San. Trade Ltd. Şti ("Company").

b) The internet user who applies for membership to the www.aidango.com site/mobile application will be referred to as the "Member".

2. Subject of the Contract

The subject of this Agreement is to determine the terms and conditions of benefiting from the website/mobile application owned by the Company.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

3.1. The member undertakes that all personal access and contact information that he/she submits to the www.aidango.com site/mobile application are correct, and that he/she will immediately and immediately cover the damages of the Company due to inaccurate information.

3.2. The Member cannot give the user name and password given by the Company to anyone, the right to use the said password belongs only to the Member. For this reason, the Company reserves the right to claim all kinds of compensation and other claims arising from such unauthorized use, against all liability cases that may arise and against claims and accusations made by third parties against the Company.

4. Security of your personal information

Respects the privacy of all individuals and institutions visiting the www.aidango.com site/mobile application. All information obtained about you will be used to provide the service you will receive and to further improve the way our company serves you. This information will be shared by us with the relevant personnel and will not be shared with third parties. Access to this information, which is kept privately for customers, is limited to our employees, who are subject to confidentiality-related obligations, who must process this information for the www.aidango.com site/mobile application. The access of these people is limited in line with the service they will provide. This information will be treated in accordance with the relevant legal provisions on data protection. This data is only shared with official authorities as a result of a legal request. All kinds of measures have been taken by us for unauthorized access/change of shared data or destruction of data.

As with many standard web presentations, the Company also keeps log files for statistical purposes. These files contain standard information such as your ip (IP) address, your internet service provider, your browser's features, your operating system, and your login and exit pages. These files are kept for data purposes and are never shared with third parties.

All of your payments are SSL secured and all data flow is encrypted. All credit card information you enter into our system via SSL security policy is encrypted and sent to the bank. Your credit card information is never recorded by us in the transactions you make on our site.

5. Termination of Contract

This agreement will remain in effect until the Member cancels his/her membership or his/her membership is canceled by the Company. In case the Member violates any provision of the membership agreement, the Company may terminate the agreement unilaterally by canceling the membership of the Member.

6. Enforcement

Member's registration for membership means that the Member has read all the articles in the membership agreement and accepted the articles in the membership agreement. This Agreement was concluded at the time of the Member's membership and entered into force mutually.

7. Settlement of Disputes

Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in disputes regarding this contract.