Considerations for Raising Adequate Donations

Considerations for Raising Adequate Donations

For associations, foundations and NGOs, the key to sustaining their activities is undoubtedly the donations collected. If the regular donor does not have a large audience; The most valid way to collect donations for an association is of course a donation campaign. Fundraising campaigns are activities with wide participation and time restrictions, including regular donors.

Considerations for Raising Adequate Donations

For associations, foundations and NGOs, the key to sustaining their activities is undoubtedly the donations collected. If the regular donor does not have a large audience; The most valid way to collect donations for an association is of course a donation campaign. Fundraising campaigns are activities with wide participation and time restrictions, including regular donors. To give a current example, many donation campaigns are actively carried out for the ongoing forest fires in our country. So what should associations, foundations and NGOs do to collect sufficient donations? Let's look at this vital issue from different perspectives.

Turning to Different Income Sources

You may have kept your association afloat thanks to sponsorships, grants and regular donors, but don't forget that you have the opportunity to both expand your audience and have different income sources with donation campaigns. Organizing large fundraising campaigns will both increase the recognition of the institution and increase revenues by a large amount.

Involving Members and Supporters Adequately in the Process
Associations, by definition, can continue their activities by gathering and directing people who act jointly to achieve the same goal. We all know the difficulties of directing people from different economic and social environments to a goal and the difficulties of creating a sense of belonging in these people towards their association. In this context, it may be a good idea to give your members and supporters a say in important decisions in order to reinforce their sense of belonging. People who think that they have a share in a decision will feel more connected to the organization and will have higher participation in the donation campaign.

Don't See Donors as Just Donors

Human relations is a complex subject in every sense. It can get even more complicated if there is an in-kind or cash donation campaign involved. People can get limited participation with a one-time trust in your association and your campaign. To avoid this, try to touch people as much as possible. When they feel taken care of, you will also have an opportunity to form bonds that will not be shaken for a long time. People are closer to associations that make them feel special. After all, human nature 😊

Presenting an Accurate Roadmap

Donation campaigns should be conducted transparently in terms of causes and results. People want to know clearly for what purpose they should donate their money to your association, what will be done with that money, and ultimately the expenditures made after the campaign is over. Therefore, it is beneficial to share this information openly and honestly with the donors. In addition, it should be clearly explained to people how they can participate in the fundraiser. The diversity of methods is also an important factor. Do they need to go to the bank or can they effortlessly donate from where they sit?

Executing an Effective Communication Strategy

A fundraiser that doesn't make enough impact can become a nightmare for any association. Work through communication strategies that will mobilize target donors. We recommend that you work meticulously on everything from the informative message to the posters of the donation campaign.

Experiencing Loss of Interest?

Before the donation campaign starts, a detailed examination should be made by the association, and many data such as what your members and supporters believe in and what actions they take should be analyzed correctly. Aidango association software provides you with one click access to all data with its strong support in this regard. Thanks to the correct analysis of the data and the creation of the campaign accordingly, you can reactivate the mass that has lost its energy.

Aidango offers an integrated structure specially designed for associations. It has modules and services on member management, donation management, finance, and more.


Work Remotely With Your Team

Companies that have adapted to the modern age by conducting their business online, have come to the forefront in the world of work. One of the important software that makes it easy to work from home is Aidango.

How to Run a Campaign with SMS Donation System?

These are donations collected by foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations by sending an SMS to the short sms number defined by mobile service providers in order to reach those in need in cases of social responsibility, natural disasters and similar situations. Thanks to the system that brings great convenience to institutions and charitable donors who donate by sending sms, the amount of donations that institutions can collect increases while the periods are shortened.

What is Required for Online Membership Application?

In a not too distant past, we would visit the association and foundation that we were interested in and want to be a part of, and get detailed information about both the organization's structure and its activities, and if everything went well after spending considerable time, we would become a member. Nowadays, all these processes can be done in a few minutes. Becoming a member of an association or foundation that can receive an online membership application has been a very effortless process that takes no more than a few seconds for the end user.

Information about Association Membership Procedures

Generally, real and legal persons with de facto competence have the right to become a member of associations. In addition, the membership conditions specified in the special regulations determined by the laws and the association regulations and the membership conditions of the associations are determined. If individuals wish to become a member of the association, they must apply to the association in writing, and the decision of acceptance or rejection must be made by the board of directors of the association in accordance with the association's charter and must be notified to the applicant within 30 days.

Association Software for Those Who Do Not Collect Income

Foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations usually need membership fees or donations to fulfill their existential goals and to meet their own expenses. If you think the institution you are affiliated to does not fit this definition and you do not need an association management program, we recommend that you read our article carefully before making a decision.

Ways to Always Keep the Member Database Updated

The most important step for an association to realize its goals is undoubtedly the healthy communication it establishes with its members. Each member must notify you of the information you request from them during the membership process to be processed in the membership database. From this point on, this data should be stored in the member database and kept in a way that you can use it to communicate with your members whenever you need.

Why Member Management System?

You have a great team and are you complaining about not getting the results you want despite working long hours? Then this article is for you. If one or more of the items that we will briefly mention below describe your situation, you should immediately review your resources and seriously consider acquiring a member management system.

How Should the Alumni Association Be?

Alumni Association, to increase the solidarity between the alumni, to contribute to the development of the educational institution, to provide job opportunities for the graduates, to deal with the problems of the institution and the alumni, to contact and cooperate with other national and international associations and organizations within the framework of these purposes and to support these organizations and associations when necessary. institutions that undertake missions such as participating in their work.

How is the Foundation Established?

Pursuant to Article 102 of the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721, the will to establish a foundation is declared by an official deed to be made in the form of a notary public or a testamentary disposition. However, in order to establish the foundation, it is necessary to apply to the authorized court of first instance and ensure its registration. The foundation acquires legal personality upon registration in the registry held at the settlement court.

What Should Non-Governmental Organizations Be Like?

Non-governmental organizations are non-profit organizations where people with different opinions come together for a purpose, independent of official institutions and have no interest in the state, and their main purpose is for the benefit of society.

What to Consider When Choosing Association Software?

Association software is simple or compact programs that can meet the needs of foundations and associations in subjects such as data storage, display and process management, created with a software architecture suitable for current technologies. Considering that the technology changes and develops day by day, the development of the association software evolves towards different points with each passing day. While yesterday it was a program installed on a computer at the headquarters of the association, today we can talk about the concept of association software, which freely uses cloud technology and can include artificial intelligence support as appropriate.

Association Software Cloud Technology

The association software liberates the association's employees and managers thanks to cloud technology. In order to explain this subject in more detail, first of all, it is necessary to explain the cloud technology in an understandable way. Cloud technology is an information technology that enables web-based applications to provide uninterrupted service, prevents you from being connected to any place, and allows you to do your transactions very quickly thanks to the strong infrastructure it provides.

How to Obtain Fundraising Permit?

The permission to collect aid is obtained from the relevant authorities by associations, foundations, sports clubs, institutions, media outlets and similar organizations in order to realize their purposes, to provide aid to the needy and to collect aid in order to perform one or more of the public services in accordance with the public interest.

Foreign Associations Opening Branches in Turkey

The procedures required for foreign associations and foundations to open branches and representative offices in Turkey are determined by the provisions of the Associations Law and Associations Regulation. Associations and foundations that fulfill these obligations can open branches and representations in Turkey.

What is Member Tracking Software?

Member tracking system is the name of the system that facilitates the tracking of members in foundations, associations, sports halls, locals and similar organizations. Thanks to this system, information such as which member enters and leaves the buildings and facilities of the relevant institution at what time can be easily followed.