15 June 2021

What to Consider When Choosing Association Software?

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
What to Consider When Choosing Association Software?

Association software is simple or compact programs that can meet the needs of foundations and associations in subjects such as data storage, display and process management, created with a software architecture suitable for current technologies. Considering that the technology changes and develops day by day, the development of the association software evolves towards different points with each passing day. While yesterday it was a program installed on a computer at the headquarters of the association, today we can talk about the concept of association software, which freely uses cloud technology and can include artificial intelligence support as appropriate. For this reason, it is necessary to clarify issues such as what should be considered when choosing association software, which features are suitable for the technology of the age, and which technology is useful.

One Association Software for All Your Needs

The most comprehensive answer to the question of what you should pay attention to when choosing association software is which program can fully meet your needs. With a short research, you can find software with fancy marketing phrases but empty. You can even perform basic functions such as member management through these programs, but I don't think we need to explain that the program needed by an association should not only consist of member management. Due to their structure, associations acquire legal personality and carry out studies in many areas. There are many processes that they need to manage with their relations with their members and donors, their movable immovable properties, financial statements and financial obligations, the personnel working in the activities of the association, and of course the websites that accurately reflect the identity of the association and undertake a number of different tasks. How inclusive modules and services can the association software you choose offer in all these processes? Here is the question that needs to be answered. Associations should have an uninterrupted and strong infrastructure in their activities. Therefore, in general terms, the features that the association software should meet:

1. Advanced member management,

2. Integration of communication tools such as mass e-mail and short message,

3. An integrated system with the infrastructure that enables easy payment from members and donors,

4. Event and organization design modules,

5. Various tools for managing other activities for which the Association is responsible.

Mobile Supported Applications

We talked about how comprehensive help cloud technologies are. We couldn't help but mention the convenience that mobile applications, which take the subject one step further, add to the management of the association. Thanks to the applications installed on mobile phones or tablets, it is now possible to access and interfere with the association's software, and therefore all the association's data, independently of time and place. Aidango provides its users with two separate applications for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Opportunity to Work Anytime You Want From Anywhere

In the past, associations were cumbersome structures managed from a single centre. Today, thanks to the innovations brought by technology, you do not have to be tied to any place. With this technology, which we call cloud technology, your data can be uploaded to computers in various parts of the country and even the world, and can be kept accessible at all hours of the day. In this way, association managers can control all processes through both smart devices and computers, even when they are not at the headquarters of the association. Thanks to this method, which leads to radical changes in the understanding of management, both managers and employees can get the freedom they want, show up more in the field and spare more time to realize the planned goals of the association.

We would like to tell you about Aidango in an article where we are looking for an answer to the question of what should be considered when choosing association software. Aidango, Turkey's first and only association ERP software, has unique technologies, modules and services designed to meet all the needs of associations.