08 February 2021

Online Membership Application

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Online Membership Application

In a not too distant past, we would visit the association and foundation that we were interested in and want to be a part of, and get detailed information about both the organization's structure and its activities, and if everything went well after spending considerable time, we would become a member. Nowadays, all these processes can be done in a few minutes. Becoming a member of an association or foundation that can receive an online membership application has been a very effortless process that takes no more than a few seconds for the end user.

What is Needed for Online Membership Application?

If you are a foundation or an association manager, I guess we don't need to say that every new member you bring to your institution brings you one step closer to your goals, both financially and morally. The times when you had to go door to door to introduce your association and long processes and efforts were given for membership are now over. We live in a period where almost every transaction can be done with a few clicks, and almost every foundation and association has its own website. As such, it becomes a necessity to have an online membership application infrastructure to promote your association, to explain your work in depth for those who demand and to make people members of your association. So, what do you need to get an online membership application? Let's answer this question together…

1. Website

Having a website for your association is perhaps one of the first conditions in today's reality. The requirement that every business have a website is also legally regulated and inevitably all institutions and organizations are expected to own a website. The website is also your association's digital showcase, so to speak, a virtual public relations specialist. You will have the chance to impress people thanks to the sentences you use and helpful data such as photos and videos you place while informing visitors about your work. You should make sure that your website is fast, functional and compatible with all devices.

2. Membership Form

With an online membership application form to be placed on your website, you can get all the information you need from visitors to become a member of your association. This information can be in the form of the visitor's own declaration or the upload of documents received via e-government. Of course, the most important thing to consider about membership forms is security. It is a nightmare for both your association and the end user who has no blame for the information given by people to become a member of your association. For this reason, you should ensure the security of your website and online membership application form.

3. Payment Infrastructure

People visited your website and collected the necessary information to become a member of your association. Then, they filled the membership form on your website and provided you with all the information you needed. It remains to collect the first contribution or donation from your new member without interrupting this synergy. There are various payment infrastructures that allow you to accept payments through your website. By using these infrastructures, you can provide ease of payment to both your new members and old members. The most important thing to pay attention to here is to ensure that if there is a software you use while managing your association, this software is integrated with your website and payment system. It is vital for associations to follow up payments or fill forms or to reflect them instantly into the system. Again, another thing you should pay attention to is the security of your payment infrastructure. Today, by using SSL technology, you can protect your payment transaction with layers of security.