17 May 2021

Donation Methods

Feyza Uzun
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Donation Methods


The support they need for associations and foundations to continue their activities and achieve their goals is based on donations as well as the fees they collect from their members. Since our country is not in a good position in terms of donating habits, it is essential for foundations and associations to diversify and simplify the methods they can use to collect donations from their members and supporters. Of course, current donation methods may have different value for each association and donor. For this reason, the practice of determining and implementing the most appropriate donation methods for your institution and your donors, which we will give below, depends on the resources and competence of the association.

Which Type Of Donation Is Best For You?

At this point, we think that it is necessary to clarify the types of donations before listing the fundraising methods.

Donation in Kind: Books, notebooks, food, white goods etc. made for those in need. donations are called donations in kind. Donors who do not have such resources but still want to support can allocate their time for non-governmental organizations and provide workforce in the services provided.

Cash Donation: The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to donations is, of course, cash donations. Cash donations provide the assurance that foundations and associations need in order to continue their activities and achieve their goals.

But How?

Donate Online

When you enter the websites of associations that have achieved digital transformation, phrases such as "donate, become a donor" are usually seen at the top of the site. When this tab is clicked, the donor will be directed to the payment screen, which allows for a one-time donation or a regular donation.

Donate By Wire Transfer To A Bank Account

Bank transfer is one of the alternative methods for associations that cannot accept online donations. There are tabs on the websites of such associations where bank account information can be accessed, and the donor can donate any amount they want, thanks to the account information they reach through this tab.

SMS Donation

Nowadays, when almost everyone has a mobile phone, perhaps the easiest fundraising method is to collect donations via SMS. You can make donations by using the word and phone number provided by the association to the donors.


From time to time, associations develop and launch various products that may be of interest to donors. These products can sometimes be souvenirs, and sometimes they are things that people can prefer, such as local products. The donor can also evaluate this option when choosing the most suitable donation method for him.


From time to time, associations may organize crowdfunding campaigns and set a donation fee per project. In this way, people who receive investment in the project donate to the association. It is one of the powerful ways to donate.

Brand Collaboration

In this fundraising method, which is generally seen on e-commerce sites, the company makes donations to the relevant association per product purchased for some products. It is an effective fundraising method and has a different mission that raises awareness of both parties.

It Is Not Limited To These...

Today, associations that can keep up with technological developments do not have difficulty in diversifying their donation methods. For example, a fast and effective solution is used to add the option to roll the basket by making an agreement with e-commerce sites and to deposit the donations of each e-commerce customer who rolls the basket into their bank accounts.

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