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According to which situations can I analyze donors?


You can analyze your donors according to the category of the donation they have made, the city or the month. 

Can I categorize donations?


Yes. You can split your donations into categories while conveniently seeing the donors.



Can I receive donations through my website?

Yes. Aidango substructure works integratedly on your website. 

In which categories can I include scholarship grants?

 You can divide into categories of new donations, distributed donations and donors. 


Can I list all my scholarship holders?

Yes. You can list all your scholarship holders in categories of applicant, active, old, and rejected

Some scholarships are monthly while others are annually, how can I distinguish between them?


Terms are listed as monthly or yearly. 


How can I benefit from the crowdfunding application?

 With the crowdfunding application you can manage the construction of projects such as education institutions, cultural centers and orphanages. 

Can I list all projects on the same screen?

Yes. You can access all projects from the open records screen. 


Can I see every donation and donor contributing to the project?

Yes. You can see donors and the amounts of donations they have made one by one. 




Can I send bulk sms or email?

Yes. You can send bulk sms and emails with Aidango. 


Can I reuse bulk mails and bulk sms lists?

 Yes. Once you prepare your bulk mail or bulk sms lists you can go back and use them over and over again.


Can I create a future calendar for the meetings with the association members?

Yes. You can create and schedule future meetings with the meetings application.

How can I save members and supporters information to the program?

 You can add the information of members and supporters to the program through your website or with the help of Aidango applications.

Is there an invoice integration?

Yes. Aidango's substructure supports the intergration of e-invoice for your use.

Can I print an invoice with Aidango?

Yes, you can print your invoice by making the necessary adjustments on Aidango according to the format of the invoice.

Can I order the recurrence of every invoice I make monthly?


Yes. You can order the recurring of invoices you make on a regular basis.

Apart from Turkish lira can I create an invoice in other currencies?

Yes. You can create an invoice in Turkish Lira, US dollar, Euro and British pound.

How can I benefit from personnel management?

Thanks to personnel management you can keep track of your company's employees information such as their personal information, allowance, education and spending. 

Can inventory be added to staff?

Yes. You can add an inventory belonging to the staff.

What can I do with the intranet application?

Intranet provides a number of features that you can use such as the weather forecast, road condition, exchange rates, news and articles. In addition, you can customize widgets for staff recruiting, cease of employment, promotions and birthdays amongst many others. 

Can I receive online donations through my website?

Yes. You can easily receive online donations on your website.

What are the online donation payment methods?

You can make an online donation with a credit or bank card. 


Can I make modifications to my donation categories?

 Yes. You can perform updates and cancelings in every content your want.

Can I see the callers' information on Aidango?

Yes. The caller's information are automatically saved to Aidango's database. You can start a new call if you wish.

Can I see the call history of the call center?

Yes. You can have access to all information in connection with the call center team such as conducted calls, their time and date as well as the interlocutors. 


Do I need internet for the mobile application?

Yes. Aidango is a web-based application which requires an internet connection.

Does my mobile application work on all platforms?

Yes. The application works smoothly on any IOS and Android-based phone or tablet.


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