About Us

Aidango Association & Foundation Management Program, which is a part of the Entranet software system that we have been developing since 2004, is preferred and used by dozens of Associations & Foundations. Believing that the needs of Association and Foundation Managements should be addressed separately due to their unique position, special software programs have been developed, and we continue to grow by keeping these software updated and developing according to today's needs and by adding new software modules.

The change in technology and communication confronts Association & Foundation Managements, as well as companies, with a strong competition approach that they are not accustomed to until now. Winners are known as those who have the ability to respond quickly and reliably to the environment they are in and address. As AIDANGO, we offer our customers the best, fastest and most practical solutions and applications, bringing their organizations to a more sustainable structure.

Although our associations and foundations' understanding of competition is not like that of profit-seeking companies, they continue to compete in this field by establishing the most reliable infrastructure and system for their donors in order to provide the fastest service to those in need. As Aidago, we will continue to update and increase the service we provide to our Associations and Foundations together with them and support them with higher quality and service-specific software.

In addition, as we mentioned at the beginning, Aidango, which was established with the Entranet infrastructure, covers not only the donation and aid processes but also the entire organizational structure.

  • Entranet CMS
  • CRM
  • Project management
  • intranet
  • Personnel and Human Resources
  • Preliminary Accounting
  • Event Management
  • Intranet and Extranet

With their systems, we provide services not only with donation automation but also with a system that enables them to see all department needs.

We will continue our services with our General Accounting module in the near future.