30 July 2021

Fundraising Permit

Feyza Uzun
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Fundraising Permit

The permission to collect aid is obtained from the relevant authorities by associations, foundations, sports clubs, institutions, media outlets and similar organizations in order to realize their purposes, to provide aid to the needy and to collect aid in order to perform one or more of the public services in accordance with the public interest.

The procedures and principles regarding the permission to collect aid are regulated by the Law No. 2860 on Aid Collection and the Regulation on Fundraising Principles and Procedures published in the Official Gazette dated 27/12/1999.

Authorities Responsible for Issuing Permission

Fundraising activities;

1- From the governor of that province for aid collection activities covering more than one district of the province,

2- If the aid collection activity is limited to a district, from the district governor,

3- If the aid activity covers more than one province, permission is obtained from the governor of the province where the applicant legal person is located. The governorship to which the application is made informs the governorships of the provinces and the Ministry of Interior.

Fundraising Method

Associations, foundations, sports clubs, institutions, media and similar organizations that are allowed to collect aid can carry out their fundraising activities in different ways. These are generally; putting boxes in certain places, opening an account in banks, issuing aid stamps, organizing goods lottery, cultural shows and exhibitions, sports shows, excursions and entertainment.

Fundraising Permit Application

Real and legal persons who want to get permission to collect aid, notify their requests with a written petition to the authorities authorized to give permission to collect aid. In the petition;

1- Purpose and targeted amount of aid collection activities,

2- Provinces and districts where aid collection activities will be carried out,

3- The methods to be used in the aid collection process,

4- Number of people to work,

5- Information such as the amount of the receipt should be included.

In addition to the petition, there are also documents that must be submitted to the relevant authorities. According to the relevant legislation;

1- If support will be received from public officials in aid collection activities, permission documents obtained from the relevant governorship and district governorships,

2- Summary of discovery, report and similar documents used in determining the amount targeted to be collected,

3- Residence, TR identity number, criminal record statements and two passport photos of the persons to be assigned to the organization,

4- If the activities will be carried out for the benefit of educational institutions or within the relevant educational institution, the written approval of the institution is also attached to the petition.

After the application is made, the authority receiving the application makes examinations according to many different criteria such as the importance of the aid activity, the qualifications of the applicant organization, the suitability of the aid to be collected for the public interest and whether it will be successful, and conveys the application result, positive or negative, to the applicant within two months at the latest.

Organizations with a positive fundraising permit have the privilege of continuing their activities for a period not exceeding one year. Those who engage in these activities without permission to collect aid will be immediately banned from the activity by the law enforcement officers and legal action will be initiated against them.

It is vital for foundations and associations to obtain fundraising permits and to raise funds to achieve their goals. Associations, by their very nature, live on the support of their members and donors. For this reason, planned fundraising activities should be carefully managed.

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