24 March 2021

Association Management Program for Those Who Do Not Collect Dues and Donations

Gürkan Akın
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Association Management Program for Those Who Do Not Collect Dues and Donations

I am not collecting dues and donations. Should I Still Obtain an Association Management Program?

Foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations usually need membership fees or donations to fulfill their existential goals and to meet their own expenses. If you think the institution you are affiliated to does not fit this definition and you do not need an association management program, we recommend that you read our article carefully before making a decision.

It is important for associations to interact with members and donors, to direct them to common goals, to inform them about the work done, to get ideas and many more. For this reason, you should be able to reach everyone who is a member of the association whenever needed. Of course, the golden rule of providing this situation is undoubtedly that the contact information of your members is up-to-date. So, how can the association management program help you at this point?

Timeliness of Communication Data

It may not always be possible to keep the data of your members and donors up-to-date. Keeping these data up-to-date is a job that requires serious work. In associations that do not use an association management program, this process is carried out completely manually, and this situation can put you in a difficult situation in terms of healthy member management. Aidango offers a module that allows members to log in to the system to update all their information. Thanks to this module, your members can update their contact information and deliver new information without any extra effort. In this way, you only have to communicate with your members whenever you need.

Categorizing People

In terms of associations, perhaps the most determining criterion in member management is the social and demographic structure to which individuals belong. It is a fact that it has been proven time and time again that the results of the communication activities carried out without considering the differences within the mass are not very pleasant. For this reason, you can organize the content of the text messages, e-mails and searches to be sent to each group by categorizing your members and donors through the association management program. This will guide you in outlining a successful communication strategy in association management.

Bulk or Individual E-mail and Short Message Sending Opportunity

While associations use various methods to communicate with their members, the most preferred of these methods is undoubtedly e-mail and sms sending. Sometimes you may need to send sms to your members for reminders about activities and sometimes. The association management program offers you convenience in this regard and can send the e-mail or sms content you have defined to your previously categorized members within the date and time specified by you. You can also do all this service from the Aidango association management program.

Detection of Inaccurate Contact Information by Tracking Submissions

Undoubtedly, one of the methods of verifying the contact information of the members is messages with a transmission report. Messages with delivery reports are messages that report to you when they arrive at the address they were sent to and even when they were read by the person sent. While controlling such messages is much more difficult or even impossible in manual systems, this process is much easier and effortless thanks to the association management program. With Aidango, you can easily keep track of the e-mails and text messages you send. Thanks to the special debug module that informs you according to the error message returned in cases where the contact information is incorrect, it is also possible to verify the member information in this way.

As we mentioned at the beginning, an association needs membership fees and donations in order to survive. The most effective way to achieve this is to determine a sustainable communication strategy with members and donors. When you choose the Aidango association management program, you will have a sustainable, dynamic and healthy communication routine.