19 April 2021

Alumni Association

Feyza Uzun
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Alumni Association

What is the Alumni Association?

Alumni Association, to increase the solidarity between the alumni, to contribute to the development of the educational institution, to provide job opportunities for the graduates, to deal with the problems of the institution and the alumni, to contact and cooperate with other national and international associations and organizations within the framework of these purposes and to support these organizations and associations when necessary. institutions that undertake missions such as participating in their work. The biggest difference that separates the alumni association from other associations is undoubtedly that people have different motivations. If you have an alumni association you have to lead, you should know that you need to undertake studies that will mobilize these motivations in order to make graduates both a part and a donor of the association.

Objectives of the Alumni Association

Although each institution has objectives shaped according to its own dynamics, it is possible to list the aims of the institutions that serve as the alumni association as follows:

1. To maintain the relationship between the educational institution and the graduate and to maintain communication with graduate students,
2. To strengthen cooperation and solidarity among alumni,
3. To provide various support in professional life by following the development of graduates in business life,
4. To do mentoring activities between graduates and students and to ensure that students benefit from the experiences of past graduates,
5. To ensure that graduates are aware of all developments in the educational institution in order to ensure their participation in events,
6. To instill a sense of unity and solidarity in the graduates and to make them feel that they stand by both the educational institution and the association.

New Graduates

Maintaining the relationship with new graduates who have reached the end of their education and who have no ties with the relevant educational institution and strengthening their ties with the school is a long-term and demanding process. In order to manage this process in a healthy way, the up-to-date contact information of graduating students must be kept by the alumni association and the communication must be maintained continuously. We have previously included an article on keeping such data up-to-date on our page. Thanks to Aidango alumni association software and the services provided, you can ensure that the membership database is up-to-date.

As it is known, new graduates may not have the motivation to donate for the activities of the association since they have just started their business life. Motivating them on this issue is entirely up to your creativity. Organizations can be organized to develop the sense of belonging and gain profits, such as conducting studies that will support people for their career goals after graduation, bringing them together with job opportunities by organizing career days, and providing an environment where they can transfer experience through various activities. When you do your part as an alumni association, it increases the likelihood that individuals who have started to build their careers rapidly with this support will become highly motivated donors.

They don't just have to donate for you

New graduates may not be able to support you financially, but when you offer them a way to support them, they won't say no to it either. For example, you can ask their opinions about a decision about the institution they graduated from, or your new graduates can offer you the manpower you need in an event organization.

Different and healthy communication channels

Do not forget that contacting alumni through clubs and groups, especially at universities, is also an option. Organizing events suitable for people's interests and their participation in this event will give you the opportunity to develop different and healthy communication channels.

Aidango Alumni Association Software

Aidango is a complete solution that offers integrated services for all foundations and associations. As alumni association software, it has many tools that help to analyze the personal data in depth and decide on the events to be organized. While all contact information of the members of your association is securely stored in the software database, you can send sms and e-mails to your members and detect incorrect and unused contact information thanks to the communication modules. In addition, all of your members can update their contact information via the website it offers.