Branches & Representative Offices

Branch and Representative Management for Associations and Foundations

Monitoring the branches of association management easily and through a single system is an important task. Add branches and users connected to these branches to the system. Make authorizations. Manage your branches effectively and track your business processes.

By Branches & Separation of Income and Expenses

Define your branches and staff in association and foundation management. Track the income and expenses of your branches.

By Branches & Separation of Income and Expenses

Representation Application

Define your agents on the basis of cities or regions. Let your representatives manage their transactions within the authority. Maintain control through a single system.

Representation Application
Strengthen Your Organizations with Branch and Representation Feature

What Can You Do With Vehicle Management?

Let all your branches and agencies perform their own transactions. Follow and manage all your branches and representative offices through the same system as the central management.

  • Branch and Personnel Identification

    Open separate definitions for each of your branches. Give permissions to your staff.

  • Ability to Separate Reports and Donors of Your Branches

    Identify donors connected to your branches and get reports of relevant branches.

  • Representations

    While your representatives work on a platform where they can carry out all their transactions, follow up the work as a central management.

Branch and Personnel Identification