03 December 2020

Sms Donation System

Barış Dur
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Sms Donation System

What is Sms Donation?

These are donations collected by foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations by sending an SMS to the short sms number defined by mobile service providers in order to reach those in need in cases of social responsibility, natural disasters and similar situations. Thanks to the system that brings great convenience to institutions and charitable donors who donate by sending sms, the amount of donations that institutions can collect increases while the periods are shortened.

Is There Any Legal Regulation Regarding Sms Donation System?

In accordance with Articles 3 and 5 of the Law No. 2860 on Aid Collection, a legal regulation has been introduced for collecting donations by sending an SMS to the number assigned by mobile operators. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, the sms donation system can be used by foundations, associations, non-governmental organizations and legal entities with permission to collect aid. Like any donation campaign, the sms donation system is subject to various restrictions. These limitations are a specific time and upper amount limitation. While obtaining the necessary permissions, this issue should be discussed with the relevant authorities.

What are the Advantages of Sms Donation System?

1. It is an easy-to-monitor system for fundraisers. Incoming donations can be recorded and audited by both mobile operators, which are intermediary institutions, and the institution.

2. It provides easier assistance by the donor. The more alternative donation methods are, the easier it is to collect aid by the association.

3. It can be easily recorded in accounting records. Since associations are institutions that are audited periodically, donations collected must be regularly and completely recorded in the accounting records. The SMS donation system is a system that allows incoming donations to be reflected in the accounting records instantly.

4. The data recorded by the mobile operator are regularly reported to the institution. With the reports obtained, the success / failure of the donation system can be easily tested by sms.

What Should be Done to Collect Donations Via SMS?

To collect donations via SMS, you must first make sure that you have the necessary permissions. If the fundraising activity is limited to a province, permission must be obtained from the governor of that province, or from the district governor's office if the activity is within the district. If a wider aid campaign is to be organized, the necessary application is made to the governor's office of the province where the legal person resides. The governorship informs other governorships and the Ministry of Interior. A short number is defined by the mobile operator (Turkcell, Vodafone, Türk Telekom) based on the contract for the institutions that have the necessary permission. This number is shared with members and donors by the institution and they are asked to send SMS. The amount corresponding to the amount of SMS sent to the relevant number is checked by the mobile operator and deposited into the institution's account at the end of the specified period.

Do you need more support about sms donation system? Aidango is a set of holistic services that offer various modules for foundations, associations, non-governmental organizations and all organizations that collect aid. It allows to manage all business and operations related to the institution with the various modules it offers. These works and transactions of course also include the sms donation system. In the member module, you can compare the records of registered members or donors and mobile operator records, and observe your members' participation in the donation campaign. In addition, you will have the opportunity to send e-mails or sms texts related to the donation campaign to your members with services such as mass mail and bulk sms. Aidango not only includes a sms donation system, but also an online donation module that integrates with its website. In this way, all donations made to the institution can be controlled from a single screen.