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May 28, 2020
Work Remotely With Your Team
Barış Dur
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Work Remotely With Your Team

In today's conditions, almost every sector started to move from home to work. Working from home has increased productivity by both saving time and increasing comfort and efficiency. Companies that have adapted to the modern age by conducting their business online, have come to the forefront in the world of work. One of the important software that makes it easy to work from home is Aidango. Aidango; It allows you to control organizations established with the purpose of donations and associations simply from the computer. Thanks to Aidongo software, you can do your work in the comfort of home and increase the efficiency by saving time.

Working With Aidongo Is Very Easy From Home

With Aidanga, you can do all your transactions from your home and collect donations over the internet. Association follow-up program can be controlled and commanded by computer. However, what you can do is not limited to this. You can download the Aidango app to your mobile phone and do your transactions while outside. The software that makes the term working remotely easy shows you the amount of donations made to your association in detail. Aidango, where you can check all the issues on a single screen, makes your work easier by categorizing donations.

Manage Your Entire Business Process With Aidongo

Aidango program; Provides financial accounting, customer relations, personnel, document, project management, mobile application and website services. In this way, you get the chance to manage your transactions easily and practically under one roof. The accounting service offered by the software gathers all your financial affairs. The application is easy and practical, allowing you to follow every process related to donations and intervene in the process. Customer relations, on the other hand, helps you to define tasks, appoint a representative and carry out your work with representatives. While organizing with your representatives, you can do your work without any difficulties. All you need to use the software is a device with an internet connection. Working smoothly on tablets, computers and mobile phones, the software is also practical when communicating. You can send a mass e-mail or message for communication with the people you serve. Signing up for the software is very easy. If you transfer your name, surname and mobile phone information through our site, you can contact us in a short time.

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