30 August 2021

What is Member Tracking Software?

Barış Dur
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What is Member Tracking Software?

Member tracking system is the name of the system that facilitates the tracking of members in foundations, associations, sports halls, locals and similar organizations. Thanks to this system, information such as which member enters and leaves the buildings and facilities of the relevant institution at what time can be easily followed.

Thanks to the member tracking system, which provides a critical requirement such as security as well as examining member movements, various verification methods can be used to enter the structures of the institution. Face recognition, fingerprint and card systems are widely used today, and people who cannot verify in these three ways are not allowed to pass through the relevant door.

What are the Advantages of Member Tracking Software?

As we mentioned before, member tracking software is a valuable solution in terms of controlling and recording the movements of members, customers and employees. In addition, it prevents additional security costs by preventing security vulnerabilities at the entrance to buildings and facilities.

Thanks to a member tracking software that can be integrated with different systems, the relevant organization can offer different services to its members and customers. For example, association members who use a swimming pool owned by the association can eliminate the obligation to use money for restaurant service, and can use the existing member tracking software as a payment system with the pre-installation option.

The biggest agenda item today is undoubtedly the fight against epidemics. The member tracking software allows the members registered in the system to perform the relevant entry and exit processes quickly, allowing the social distance rules to be applied more easily.

It provides full control mechanisms independent of time and place by the relevant institution managers. In other words, the administrative staff can easily access and control the data of the members even from the comfort of their home.

Many more features that can be given to the question of what are the advantages of member tracking software can be listed.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying Member Tracking Software?

The adequacy of member tracking software may vary between sectors and institutions. The reason for this is the breadth of the organizational structure, the infrastructure capabilities of the institution, the dimensions of the service network and the diversity of the areas where the member tracking software will be used.

When choosing a member tracking software, it is necessary to compare the items mentioned above with the dynamics of the institution. For example, if you are in a region with low internet connection speed, the freedom that the member tracking software will offer to the corporate managers will be limited.

Easy to Use

Member tracking software may have many interface types from simple to complex due to the multiplicity of areas it serves, daily density and similar reasons. After determining your needs, it will be beneficial for you to choose a system that can both meet these needs and stand out with its ease of use.


Member tracking software should have a flexible structure that can be integrated with different systems. The example and similar examples we gave at the beginning of our article on this subject have the potential to significantly reduce the workload that may occur in the corporate structure. However, if you find a software that can be integrated with other programs used within the institution, you can reach a near-perfect management experience.


Security is perhaps one of the most important concepts in the selection of member tracking software. In addition to the security of your members' information, you should choose a member tracking software that works stably and does not make mistakes in verification. No one wants strangers to easily enter a building or facility they want to secure.


Organizations that need members to carry out their various activities, such as associations and foundations, and want to interact with their members, keep mobility in management in an important place. It is important for these institutions to access member tracking software whenever and wherever they want. The cumbersome systems that cause being tied to a place are being abandoned rapidly today.

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