27 October 2020

Collecting Donations Online

Barış Dur
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Collecting Donations Online

How Does Online Fundraising Work?

Collecting donations over the Internet is the process of transferring the amount of money that the association requests from the benefactors or members via their own website or mobile applications to the account of the association. This process, which is legally extremely sensitive, should be kept under control by the association management. Association executives are likely to face serious legal problems after possible corruption or external intervention.

Due to its nature, the association needs donations or dues to continue its activities. In the past, associations generally carried out the payments they received from donors or members in a completely physical environment and completed the process by sending the document they issued in return for the donation or payment to the payer.

Today, with the development of technology, associations have found the opportunity to make their processes faster while expanding their activities to a wider area by strengthening their technological infrastructure. Collecting donations on the internet has become relatively simple, especially nowadays, where payment systems and security parameters have developed extremely.

Fundraising over the Internet is provided by a secure connection established between the payment form on the website of the association and the system of the institution with which it is contracted. After the data entered in the payment form is approved by the user, after the data is checked on the server of the payment institution, the transfer of the amount determined from the relevant credit card to the association's account is carried out by this institution and the donation collection activity on the internet is completed by the association.

While the development of technology brings convenience, it also brings about some difficulties. For example, attempts of malicious people to transfer the donation to their own accounts or to the 3rd party accounts they specify by trying to interfere with the functioning system, unfortunately, is a common situation. For this reason, online fundraising should be done by taking measures to minimize the risks involved.

Fundraising Online with Aidango

Aidango also offers a website service that works simultaneously with the software. This website has modern and stylish lines, 100% compatible with all mobile applications and works integrated with payment organizations to collect donations on the internet.

Due to the security problems that have arisen in recent years, it has been necessary to secure websites that make sensitive transactions such as payments with SSL. Online fundraising with Aidango is 100% secure thanks to SSL security and the extra layers of security offered by Aidango.

The involvement of third parties in the process of collecting aid over the Internet is a situation that will not be requested by any association manager. These situations violate both the reliability of the association and the legal obligations of its managers. A donor whose credit card information is stolen or an association whose expected donations are stolen are a harbinger of serious problems with public institutions for the directors of the association. Aidango meticulously manages the online fundraising process as in all processes. It is equipped with various mechanisms that will prevent any possible negativity by monitoring all processes with various security parameters. Thanks to these mechanisms, responsibilities of both the donor and the association management are guaranteed.

Associations have many donors or members by their nature. For this reason, the types of devices that members use to access the association website are as much. Aidango prevents the negativity that this situation can cause. With the web site service it offers, it does its part by ensuring that people who want to help or pay dues on the internet view your website smoothly and complete the online donation collection process, which is vital for your association, quickly and smoothly.