27 October 2020

Association Software

Gürkan Akın
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Association Software

What is Association Software?

Association software is a program that is shaped according to the main activities of the associations and undertakes the duties and responsibilities of the association managers in the management of processes such as online donation, scholarship management and crowdfunding. Associations can be of various sizes according to their complex structures and fields of activity. The larger the number of members and the field of activity, the more noticeable the effect of the association's software on process management.

Associations have various legal obligations to public institutions in order to manage these donations correctly and accurately according to the donations made and their fields of activity. Considering the public audits carried out in various periods and the principle of accountability to the members of the association management, the need for association software is high in order to manage the process free from chaos and without errors.

The association software should make the management of the association as simple as possible with the technological support it offers. For this reason, it should be supported with modules that you can control many issues, and it should be able to work smoothly with different technologies. For example, the simultaneous detection of a donation made on the website of the association by the software and recording it in the system prevents possible malfunctions.

The association software should be able to quickly present the records of each individual to whom the association provides scholarship support to the manager. A properly designed data flow offers association managers the opportunity to use their time efficiently.

Crowdfunding, which can be defined as the evolution of traditional fundraising to today's conditions, is also a field of study for association software. With software support, you can easily overcome all difficulties in the management of sensitive processes such as organizing crowdfunding related processes, and transferring the collected donations to the right holders.

Association software is an important support while managing the sensitive processes that work together in the management of the association. Choosing an association software that is an expert for the right association software, has worked on this issue in the past, and gives rights and freedoms to the manager when the software of the association is examined, will provide you with many benefits in the medium and long term.

Aidango Association Software

Aidango association software offers you all the modules that an association needs, and it combines different services created by an expert staff in the long term under one roof.

Considering the dynamism of the association's management, our software developers have prioritized your freedoms while creating Aidango. While taking advantage of all the benefits of cloud technology, you can dominate the whole system with an application that you can install on your mobile phone.

Aidango also offers a website service for associations that do not have websites. Would you like to have a website where you can share detailed information about your association, present periodical data to your donors, give information about your news and events, and collect online donations? Moreover, this website has a modern and user-friendly design with corporate lines. In addition, it is 100% compatible with all devices.

The Aidango association software offers many different functions as well as the main operations of the association. It can organize your association's pre-accounting processes such as income - expense and invoice records in a flawless structure.

The Aidango association software allows you to record your conversations, offers and personal data with your donors and donors in a stable environment with the customer relations module, allowing you to keep them at an accessible distance whenever you need them.

While associations have a complex structure, their number of employees can reach enormous numbers from time to time. Therefore, when you choose Aidango, you will also have a module for your association employees. Thanks to this module, personal files of the personnel are located in the Aidango database. In addition to personal files, salaries and advance payments made to personnel, leave and medical reports and other legal rights can be easily tracked.