01 March 2021

Successful Volunteer Management

Barış Dur
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Successful Volunteer Management

Effective Volunteer Management

There are many factors that keep an association alive. These are employees of the association, supporters and donors, members and volunteers who give strength to the association with their presence at every opportunity and do not expect anything in return.

It is possible to find the manpower you need in all areas of life, regardless of the results, and it is often based on interests. The situation is very different for the volunteers of the association. Volunteers are people who believe in the same purpose as you and are happy to take various responsibilities to achieve this goal. The most important thing that distinguishes this group, which has common interests on the basis of emotions and thoughts, from the others is of course the delicate balance in their loyalty and belonging. So what can you do to have a large group of volunteers and establish healthy relationships with this group? Let's take a closer look at volunteer management and create a mini list of little tricks you need to follow in volunteer management.

Don't Miss the Opportunity to Say Thank You!

Do not miss any opportunity to thank the volunteers who did not hesitate to make any sacrifices on the way to your goals. In volunteer management, you should consider thanking them with small gestures such as sending thank-you emails periodically and mentioning how valuable your volunteers' sacrifices are in various media.

Let Everyone Know That They Are A Big Part Of Your Success Stories

Add as a footnote to your thank you that the concrete achievements of your association are thanks to the participation of the volunteers. As a result, we all get motivated and develop a sense of belonging by seeing the consequences of an event that we work for, right?

Get to Know the Volunteers Closer!

If you want to handle the issue of volunteer management correctly, you have to define and position your audience correctly. Make them feel like they have a say in getting to know your audience, show them that they care, and make decisions as part of the organization you depend on. In this way, you will be in a competent position on how to use the power of your volunteers more efficiently with a participatory management style.

Build a Team of Your Most Loyal Volunteers

Creating a team of people who believe in the same purpose will increase the synergy of that group as well as increase their motivation and power to succeed. Volunteers who live the team spirit will act in harmony with every subject you want to do with your volunteer management.

Prepare Your Volunteers for Greater Roles

While serving an association as a volunteer, taking uniform responsibilities like a government official can become boring after a while. With the volunteer management, it is also very valuable and important to save people from this boring routine by distributing appropriate duties and responsibilities with the correct observation you will make among your volunteer people to your association.

Grow Your Volunteer Network Again With Your Volunteers

We thanked the volunteers and made them feel that they are the rightful shareholders in the success of our association, we got to know them closely and made them part of a team with various duties and responsibilities to make them feel more part of the association. So far, we have completely fulfilled the requirements of volunteer management. Next up is to grow your network of volunteers after using the right volunteer management strategies, again thanks to volunteers. When people unite voluntarily around a certain purpose and begin to be successful in this direction by being guided in the right way, they simply experience a feeling of satisfaction. The volunteer, who is given responsibility in the right positions and successfully fulfills this task, will begin to talk about this situation in his social environment and affect those around him. We see that word of mouth (word of mouth) in marketing is also valid in the development of the volunteer network. In this way, you can have the chance to develop your network of volunteers and have a stronger network, again thanks to your volunteers.