24 December 2020

Association Business Online Systems

Barış Dur
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Association Business Online Systems

Association Business Online systems are systems where the modules and services needed in the management of the association are offered together, all records can be kept in accordance with the legislation and which significantly alleviate the workload.

Usage Purposes of Association Business Online Systems

1. Carrying out the works and transactions of the association on the web,
2. Providing information easily to the members and donors of the association as well as those who want to learn about the association
3. Creating alternatives in the donation and dues collection channels of the association,
4. To be able to interact with members faster,
5. To ease the workload of the association's employees and managers,
6. Ensuring the management of the association independent from time and place,
7. Strengthening the corporate identity.

Association Business Online Systems Requirements

There are many modules and services required for the correct management of processes in the association business online systems. Systems in which these needs are ignored while designing the system usually cause the loss of the end user in various areas. Therefore, when choosing association software, be sure to choose correctly designed software. Let's come to what is required in the association's business online systems;


In the new era, associations need a website to both promote themselves and interact with their members and donors. It should be noted that the website has all the software infrastructure required for a member and whether it works functionally on all devices.

Online Payment System

The most difficult process for associations is undoubtedly the collection of dues and donations. Association business online systems should also offer various modules and services in payment alternatives. An environment where members and donors can effortlessly make payments to the association undoubtedly helps the association to overcome a major problem encountered in the business in the lightest way.

Cross Platform Support

Association business online systems should be accessible at all times. There should be web and mobile interfaces that allow access to the association software from any platform.

Compulsory Books to be Kept in Association Business Online Systems

Decision notebook

The book in which the decisions of the board of directors are recorded with date and number. Six of the page for each new record is signed by the members attending the meeting.

Member Registry

 It is the book in which information such as the identity information of the members of the association, entry and exit dates to the association are processed. Payments made by the members are also recorded in this book.

Document Registry

The book in which incoming and outgoing documents are recorded with date and sequence number. Originals of incoming documents and copies of outgoing documents are filed. The printouts of the documents sent and received electronically should also be kept.

Business Account Book

Incomes and expenses of the association are recorded in this book clearly and regularly.

Books That Are Optional to be Kept in the Association Business Online Systems

Fixture Book

The acquisition date and form of the fixtures owned by the association, the places where they are used and given are recorded in this book. In addition, the deduction of fixtures that have expired are also written in this book.

Certificate of Receipt Record Book (ANNEX - 10)

The serial and sequence numbers of all receipts, document recipient and returners; their names, surnames and signatures as well as the dates they received and returned documents are recorded in this book.

Stock book

Inventory Books, which we are also familiar with from commercial enterprises, can be kept in the association business online systems as an option.


It is the ledger that allows the transactions recorded in the journal, to be distributed to the relevant accounts in a systematic manner and to be collected in these accounts. It is optional in the balance sheet method.