20 November 2020

Foundation Software

Feyza Uzun
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Foundation Software

What is Foundation Software?

Foundation software is a software specially designed to be used in the management of foundations and associations that are managed by real or legal persons who have come together for a specific purpose and whose activities must be carried out in accordance with various legal regulations. The association member management allows you to manage accounting, customer relations and many more processes.

How Does Foundation Software Work?

Foundations are very diverse in terms of purpose and operational dimensions. While some foundations carry out their activities with donations they collect, associations that receive membership fees are too high to be underestimated. Foundation software has the modules required to run and control the association's core activities. Membership management of the association can be done easily with a membership module where member or donor data can be kept, edited, reviewed and reported upon request. Also, controlling and intervening donations or dues payments are among the operations that can be easily performed by the foundation software. The foundation software is effective in managing the activities carried out by the foundation or the association, as well as following the membership and donation / dues payment. Many modules offered by the foundation software on issues such as aid, scholarship, crowdfunding offer a strong infrastructure to the manager in process management.

What Are The Features That Foundation Software Should Have?

1- Powerful Control Panel

Foundations can be of various sizes according to their fields of activity and types. No matter how large their size, foundation software must enable all transactions to be executed on one screen. A complex and difficult to learn control panel can cause various problems for both the administrator and the operation. The Aidango foundation software offers the user a seamless experience with its advanced and easy-to-use control panel. Who can say no to the power to easily do everything from the same screen?

2- Efficiency

Foundation software should be able to respond to any issue that an association needs other than the basic tasks expected from it. When you choose software that is limited to member and donation management only, you have to bear separate software for other activities such as accounting, human resources, customer relations and license costs arising from these software. The confusion and slow progress of processes that will occur when you work with a different software in every subject will also cause additional costs. Aidango promises to provide all the software support a foundation needs, with additional services and modules. Having advanced modules on association management, website, accounting management, customer relations and human resources, Aidango takes care of all the work with a single license.

3- Must Have Cross Platform Support

Foundation software should be accessible from any platform. When you cannot go to the foundation center, it is of key importance for you to master the processes, to ensure that the control mechanisms operate and the management can continue uninterruptedly. A software with additional features that enable foundation managers to act freely will save your life, so to speak. A mobile application option should also be offered with an advanced foundation software. In this way, you can access the system from your mobile phone or tablet. For associations that prefer Aidango, IOS and Android mobile application support is offered, providing freedom to managers and association employees.

4- Website

Undoubtedly, one of the most important services of foundations in the field of public relations is the website. The website, which helps the foundation in terms of foundation and activity reasons, history, future vision and projects, relations with its members and collection of donations / dues, will give much more effective results when it works integrated with the foundation software. Aidango offers many features that are fully integrated into the system with its website service. In addition to the features I mentioned above, you can have a stylish and modern website that can be viewed from all devices without any problems by purchasing a single license with Aidango.