Campaign and Crowdfunding

Campaign and Crowdfunding

Here are the answers to all your questions about Aidango.

  • How can I track crowdfunding donations?

    You can track your projects separately regarding the donations, donors and donation amounts listed for crowdfunding. In this way, you can easily observe how much each donor donated to which projects.

  • Can fixed and flexible donations be tracked in the projects opened?

    Yes, donors can donate any amount they want, or they can choose fixed amounts you set for your project. This flexibility can help you open your projects to a wider variety of donors and contributors.

  • Can our donors track the amounts collected within the scope of the project?

    Yes, the progress and donation amounts can be displayed live after each donation occurs on your website. In this way, donors can instantly follow the progress of your project and see how much they have contributed. This can increase donors' trust in your project and encourage them to donate more.