Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to all your questions about Aidango.

  • Is it difficult to use Aidango Association management program?

    We offer continuous support during and after the preparation of our Association Management program. With these supports, we make it easier to use and help you do all your transactions with peace of mind. Even our users who have never used a program before can easily use our program.

  • Can I categorize donations?

    Yes. You can easily categorize your donations and see the donors.

  • Can I receive donations through the website?

    Yes, you can receive your donations online safely and quickly, thanks to our virtual POS applications that you can integrate into your website with the Aidango Association Management infrastructure.

  • Can donations received online be distinguished from donations received via other payment methods?

    Yes, you can view all donations as a list on our Donation Management page. You can easily follow the details such as which payment method was received, which bank and virtual pos.

  • How do we inform our donors via SMS?

    For donations received online, the system automatically sends SMS to donors using the pre-defined SMS text.

    For manually created donations, you can send notifications to donors via SMS and e-mail by pressing a single button on the same screen.

  • When our donor makes more than one donation at a time, can we easily distinguish them?

    Yes, thanks to our donation management infrastructure, you can view dozens of donations made at once in donation details, divided into groups and categories.

    You can even manage your projects systematically by distributing these multiple donations to different applications in different organizations.

  • Is it possible to get monthly and annual donation reports?

    Yes, all your donations are automatically divided into relevant donation groups and categories from the moment they are included in the system and presented to users on a single page for analysis.

  • Can donations received through representative offices be tracked individually?

    Yes, you can track donations coming through representative offices specifically for each representative. In this way, it is possible to track and report how much donations each representative has collected.

  • Can the donations made be linked to income items?

    Yes, since all donation groups, categories and donation items are defined in the system, they can be matched with income items. In this way, you can report your donations separately according to income groups.