20 November 2020

Association Management Program

Barış Dur
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Association Management Program

What is the Association Management Program?

Associations can become institutions where huge operations are managed depending on their diversity in their fields of activity. Association management program is a program that allows managing management processes by using the power of the software, along with many useful modules for association managers. In periods when technology cannot be included in the process, while every process is carried out manually, today we can use the power of software in every subject needed in the management of an association.

How Does The Association Management Program Work?

The association management program has an interface that enables all operations required in association management to be carried out on a single screen. The power that associations need in order to continue their activities are of course members or philanthropists. In these days when the concept of data is gaining value, the processing of data belonging to members of the association or donors is equally important. With the association management program, you can easily control members, donors, donations and dues payments. You can also carry out works such as scholarships, donations, support and funding according to the field of activity, with the association management program, and manage all processes flawlessly. Associations must periodically make presentations of various meetings and activities that their members attend. It is possible to easily access the reports they need to fulfill this responsibility with the association management program. In short, the association management program performs all the basic functions needed in the management of the association, eliminating human-induced errors, allowing the process to be carried out faster and significantly reducing costs.

What Are The Features That Should Be In The Aassociation Management Program?

1- Inclusive Functions

The basic functions expected from the association management program generally consist of member management, donation & dues management and activity management. Today, in the light of developments that allow software to be more involved in the process, the association management program can have an impact on almost all processes of the association. For this reason, it is useful to choose a software that can perform all the functions you need in association management. The Aidango association management program significantly reduces the burden of association managers with its basic functions, as well as more inclusive modules such as accounting management, human resources management and customer relationship management.

2- Integrated Website

Does your association have a website? If yes, can it work integrated with your association management program in the background? Association websites can be for promotional purposes as well as software that you can make e-collections for collecting dues and donations. Or, to become a member of your association, you can create a form on your website and register the member in the system quickly. When choosing an association management program, it is important to choose software that integrates with your website. The website service provided with Aidango also offers exactly what you need. You can perform e-collection transactions on your website, which is integrated with the system, as well as share information about your association, and reflect the information you request from the visitor to the system in real time with the forms you create. Moreover, the Aidango website service can be viewed on all devices without any problems.

3- Cross Platform Support and Freedom of Management

Who would not want to be able to fulfill all responsibilities regardless of time and place ... The association management program should be accessible from anywhere. Imagine the freedom that a software that you can access anytime and anywhere will bring you at the association center, at home, during visits and activity periods. For associations that choose the Aidango software, all these freedoms become part of the process. You can fulfill all your responsibilities regardless of time and place thanks to the interface that you can access freely and easily from every platform. Moreover, this freedom applies to employees as well as managers. Association employees working in the field can also freely access the system. Thanks to the IOS and Android mobile applications specially prepared for Aidango, you can continue all your work through the application you can install on your mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, all your data is stored with 100% security thanks to various layers of security, and does not fall into the hands of third parties.