03 October 2020

Association Program

Gürkan Akın
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Association Program

What is the Association Program?

The association program is used to follow the membership fees, donations and activities of associations and foundations. Associations turn into large organizations according to their sizes and their management requires serious time and effort in some cases. The association program can become the biggest assistant of association managers as software that facilitates and automates all the processes required in association management with the modules it offers.

The Features of the Association Program

Easy to Use

Association programs should have an advanced interface and user-friendly menus as it should be in every program. Too complex menu layout and slow processing speed are the factors that make it difficult for the end user to use the association program.

Correct Modules

Each association can have a variable structure according to its fields of activity. These differences should be taken into consideration while designing the program of the association and should be equipped with the right modules. For example, if we are talking about an association, it would not be an exaggeration to say that donation or dues follow-up is indispensable. If an association program does not have a module to manage donations and dues, it will not help you at all.

Easy access

As the activities of the association are carried out from the headquarters of the association, various updates are experienced mostly during the activities carried out in the field. The association program should provide access to the existing system for association managers, and access to the association program should be available from every platform. Associations are dynamic structures and continue their activities continuously. Therefore, the ability of managers to keep up with this dynamism is the key to the success of associations.

Legal process

Each association is subject to certain laws. Since the association has certain legal responsibilities in terms of income - expenditure, donation - aid, employee rights and similar issues, the association program is a platform that reports the fulfillment of these responsibilities. Work and transactions such as donations, invoices, receipts of payments, personnel payments and legal documents entered into the system should be presented to the manager at any time by the association program.

Optimum Reporting

The association must produce various reports and analyzes based on these reports in certain periods. This is the responsibility of the directors of the association to their members, donors and the state. The association should have reporting and analysis tools on every subject with the modules within its program. The success - failure assessment of the association can be made easier with these reports.

Member Relations

The association program should be able to act as a bridge between you and the members of your association. If you have an association program that is integrated with your website, you can instantly view and respond to the messages, requests and suggestions of your members and donors, and thus, you can achieve maximum interaction.

Aidango Association Program

The Aidango association program comes with an advanced management panel. The Aidango association program, which has an easy-to-use, fast and stable system, includes all the modules required for the directors and employees of the association.

The Aidango association program provides more freedom to managers and employees with the website and mobile applications provided with it, and the opportunity to perform all business and operations regardless of location. When you choose Aidango, you can accept payments from your members and donors, and send e-mails and sms to anyone registered in the system with the website that will be presented to you. While making various announcements on your website, you can also share detailed information about your activities.

The Aidango association program also includes modules for your accounting business. From the panel, you can easily perform the accounting records you need to present legally, such as income - expenses, expenses and payments, breakdown of expenses and invoices.

You can easily observe and report all personal files, monthly earnings, performance reports, advance payments, leave and health reports of the personnel working within your association in the Aidango association program and you can perform the transactions at any time.