Sustainable Aid

Make Your Aid Planning Easier with Sustainable Aid

Bring together all your donor groups with share shares on a single platform with our new module that will contribute to your aid planning.

Help Type Definitions

Depending on your association's aid planning, define unlimited aid types. Categorize these aids by country, city, and any region that users specify.

Help Type Definitions

Stage Planning and Management

Define your aid planning in detail with stages and manage these stages on a temporary or indefinite basis. Separate active and passive stages and get special reports for each stage.

Stage Planning and Management
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Sustainable Aid Management

  • Aid Planning by Regions

    Separate aid planning by region and easily manage it.

  • Help Video and Image Submission

    Upload videos and images of aid provided to those in need to the system. Send it to your donors via SMS and e-mail.

  • Reporting and Analysis

    Report and analyze aid distributed or delivered by stage and region.

Aid Planning by Regions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is it possible to manage share donations such as water wells, dairy goats and housing with Sustainable Aids?

    Yes. You can manage all your share donations separately according to the types of aid.

  • What do aid type and stage mean?

    Stage is a way of managing the aid types in parts to organize them at different times.

  • Can videos or images be sent via SMS separately for each type of assistance?

    Yes, you can send a video or image link via SMS separately for each type of help.