03 October 2020

Association Tracking Program

Barış Dur
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Association Tracking Program

What is the Association Tracking Program?

The association tracking program is the software that relieves the association managers' responsibilities on membership, dues, scholarship and aid management of foundations and associations, and makes transactions quickly and easier to follow. Combining software and manpower, these programs automatically perform the work and operations, and the human factor is only needed as an observer.

Required Features of the Association Tracking Program

Membership Operations

The association follow-up program should record all members of the foundation or association so that they can be followed instantly, and its regulation and follow-up procedures should be easily performed.

Simple and Advanced Interface

Since the association tracking program can contain many modules, the interface it offers to the end user should provide a simple but at the same time an advanced user experience. The association follow-up program, which allows many transactions to be carried out in a simple way, should be designed in a way that managers can easily understand and use.

Speed ​​and Stability

Associations are dynamically structured institutions. It is important to be able to correctly manage processes that put a load on the system, such as member lists that are constantly updated, transactions such as donations, aids or scholarships for each member, the high number of users accessing the system, instant reports and database operations. During the development of the association follow-up program, all these details were taken into consideration and the fact that it was implemented with the right planning prevents systemic problems that may occur in the future. Please note that no association wants the transaction to be interrupted while donating.

Data security

Associations are obliged to store a significant amount of personal data. In the light of legal regulations, the law on protection of personal data contains very strict rules. Considering that associations have sensitive information such as members' personal information and bank information, it becomes important to secure all these data. The association tracking program should also ensure that the data is protected specifically.


Associations periodically account to various institutions or their members according to their fields of activity, and from time to time, they need reports to observe the success and failure status. The association follow-up program should include an advanced reporting system, and the reports should be viewed at any time according to the desired metrics.

Cross Platform Support

In today's world, associations have gained a more dynamic structure than ever before. Association managers may need employees to be constantly on the move. In such cases, if the association tracking program can only be managed from the central server, it may cause serious problems in the functioning of the association. For this reason, a modern association tracking program should have cross-platform support. To explain briefly for those who do not know about cross-platform, we can say that the association tracking program is the name given to the ability to access and control seamlessly via both computer and mobile devices.

Aidango Association Tracking Program

Aidango association tracking program has everything needed for association management with its advanced menus that maximize the user experience, all modules needed in association management, cross-platform support and many more features.

When you purchase the Aidango association tracking program, you also buy all the services we offer. If you don't have a website; You can have a website that integrates with Aidango and accept credit card payments from your members and donors. However, you can share your events, news and announcements with your members on this website.

While managing your association in the dynamism of the day, wherever you are, you can connect to the Aidango association tracking program via a computer or your mobile phone, and you can carry out your work and transactions regardless of time and place.

Aidango's association tracking program secures the personal data of users and members with the high security standards it contains. In this way, it prevents you from experiencing any legal problems.

The Aidango association tracking program is your greatest helper when planning your association's future or when you need to declare your activities to your members and the public. Thanks to the advanced reporting module, you can instantly access any report you need with a few clicks.