01 June 2021

Association Program and Revenue Increasing Methods

Barış Dur
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Association Program and Revenue Increasing Methods

The association program offers many useful tools for organizations looking to increase their income. The power that keeps the associations alive; is to direct a group that sees the aims of the association as their own. As a result of the right direction, the participation of the audience can be ensured by providing manpower or financial contribution. At this point, the association software can be an important help in solving the preliminary work, the follow-up of the processes and many other issues. So, what are the methods to increase financial opportunities for your association? Let's explain this issue together...


Sponsorships are generally long-term partnerships that are realized with the help of various institutions in kind or in cash to achieve the objectives of your association. Of course, you can also find many sponsorships with exceptions. For example, situations such as making a sponsorship agreement for an event you organize for any purpose are short-term sponsorship agreements. You can use various methods to find sponsors. If your association is a well-known and well-known association, you will not have any trouble finding a sponsor, but finding a sponsor for a relatively new association can be a difficult and long-term process. If your association is suitable for the second definition, it is very important that you inform the board of directors, members and acquaintances of the association that you are looking for a sponsor. When companies sponsor an association, they pay attention to their past activities, number of members, demographics of their members and the financial situation of the association. By using the association program, you can easily obtain all the data with a few simple operations.


Events are usually important events for associations to announce their name and purpose to the community. Fairs, concerts, symposiums and similar events are designed to activate the targeted audience. In this way, you can ensure that your targeted audience gathers at one point, has detailed information about your association, and takes action to support your association in achieving your goals. Even if no additional support is received, you can deduct the ticket fee at the entrance of the event. In order to inform your audience about the event, you can use the communication modules of the association software and send an e-mail or text message. In this way, you can reach the entire audience in a cost-effective and fast way.


Grant is the unrequited support given by states or institutions to associations, foundations and NGOs to achieve their goals. Since the grants are for the sector, the settlement or a certain program, it is necessary to examine the grant programs accurately and in detail and then apply. The program acceptance process can be as long and painful as the application process. In grant programs, issues such as the financial structure of the association, the number of members, and how it will use the cash support it will receive as a grant should be reported in detail. The association program can make this process quite simple for you. The financial structure easily handles stationery on your behalf, such as the data of your members.


Donations are an indispensable source of income for an association. Any amount of support can be provided by members or donors. As for fundraising methods,

1- Online Donate

If you have a website that works integrated with the association program, you can accept donations through your website from those who want to support the activities of your association. It is an extremely effortless and safe process with the developing technology.

2- Monthly Donation

One of the important benefits of online fundraising is to receive regular monthly donations by recording the donor's card information with his/her consent. Credit card information is recorded in the database of the payment institution and transferred to the bank account of the association by making withdrawals on the date and amount determined by the donor every month.

3- Individual Fundraising

Make your goals so clear that your donors are motivated enough to find their own sub-donors! Let your donors inform their social circles about your association and mobilize their micro audiences to donate on your behalf...

In this article, where we tried to mention the methods that an association can apply to increase its income, we also tried to talk about the importance of the association program and the association software that works integrated with your website. If you do not have detailed information about the association software, we recommend that you examine the extraordinary features offered by Aidango or contact us without wasting time.