26 August 2020

Association Business Automation

Feyza Uzun
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Association Business Automation

Association Business Automation

Automation, in its most basic definition, is the cooperation of machine and human. It is the process of running things through machines without people in science, industry and management. It means keeping up with the globalizing world. When you think of the world as a huge market, you definitely need to switch to automation systems in order to survive. It also means gaining the advantage of competing with rivals. This means quality service as well as quality product. We can see automation systems that have found their place in every aspect of our lives, essentially everywhere we turn our heads. Schools, hospitals, houses, social areas are units that are definitely included in an automation system. The automation sector, which finds a place in every sector within the scope of advancing technology and human needs, has a considerable place in the field of association's business.

What is Association Business Automation?

The association business automation is created to minimize the need for people and to provide quality service. It is a system that enables easy tracking of online donation, scholarship management, crowdfunding activities by including computer and human factors in the same system. Although the association's business automation is initially established with some costs, the efficiency obtained from the system is at a level that ignores this cost. The system, which eliminates the need for labor expense, ensures that the product is produced in a quality and systematic way. It significantly reduces unnecessary paperwork and recording well activities within the scope of the association and naturally the workload is eliminated. is a software that includes. In this way, managers have the power to manage their systems from outside the office.

What are the Advantages of Association Business Automation?

Aidango association business automation has brought many innovations and convenience to the activities of the association. As you use the system, you will adopt its advantages better and the most obvious benefits of the structure are listed below.

• Association members can be registered on the system, family and contact information can be entered into the system.
• Donations made to the association can be easily viewed and donations can be tracked.
• The general status of the members can be tracked through the system, and the payment tables of the association fees or membership fees can be accessed.
• Unpaid dues can be tracked on a member basis, and scholarship tracking can be accessed with a single click.
• If the association has the capability and ability to lend collectively, this debt can be automatically distributed to the members.
• Collective collections of fees can be made and the final balances can be seen. Collective or individual receipt viewing can also be done at the same time.
• A cash book of the association can be created and the book can be printed.
• An operating book can be created and income and expense tables can be viewed on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.
• Documents such as meeting minutes book, receipt printing reports can be created easily.
• The deposits made to the bank accounts of the association can be viewed through the system.
• The association's picture or logo can be uploaded to the system.
• The program can be used with more than one user.
• All reports can be converted to Excel, Word or PDF format.
• SMS or e-mail can be sent to members collectively.
• Information on the system can be safely backed up.