Membership Agreement

Aidango respects the privacy of all individuals and institutions visiting their site. All the information obtained about you will be used to fulfill the service you will receive and to further improve the way our company serves you. This information will be shared with us by the relevant personnel and will not be shared with third parties. Access to this information, which is stored exclusively for customers, is restricted to our employees who are required to process this information for Aidango, subject to confidentiality-related obligations. Their access is limited in line with the service they will provide. This information will be treated according to the relevant legal provisions for data protection.

Aidango maintains the data received to manage the orders of web-based companies. Each data included in the system is used for that account customer. These data are shared with the official authorities only as a result of a legal request. All kinds of measures have been taken by us for unauthorized access / exchange or destruction of the data.

As with many standard web presentations, logos for statistical purposes are kept in Aidango. These files contain standard information such as ip (IP) address, your internet service provider, your browser's features, your operating system, your site login and logout pages. These files are kept for data purposes and are never shared with third parties.

All your purchases on our site are legal and contract and invoiced sales. The payment infrastructure you will make online has all necessary security certificates. The most advanced security systems are used for our customers to shop safely. All of your payments are under SSL security and all data flow is encrypted. All credit card information you enter into our system through SSL security policy is encrypted and sent to the bank. Your credit card information is definitely not recorded by us for purchases made on our site.

You can share all your requests and suggestions regarding the privacy policy via