01 April 2021

Ways to Always Keep the Member Database Updated

Feyza Uzun
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Ways to Always Keep the Member Database Updated

We Should Keep the Members Database Updated, But How?

The most important step for an association to realize its goals is undoubtedly the healthy communication it establishes with its members. Each member must notify you of the information you request from them during the membership process to be processed in the membership database. From this point on, this data should be stored in the member database and kept in a way that you can use it to communicate with your members whenever you need. Over time, the contact information of your members may become out of date. Although an outdated member database means extra work for you, it is actually a harbinger of a much more serious event. It is not possible for an association that does not have communication with its members to find the necessary support to survive. Therefore, keeping the member database up-to-date is a vital issue. In this article, let's look for an answer to the question of how we can keep the member database up-to-date by looking deeply ...

1. Traditional Methods

A few decades ago, when technology was not so advanced yet, the member database could be kept up-to-date with a method that we can now call the traditional method. In this method, the director of the association called all members one by one to confirm the member information in his hand, ensuring both association - member interaction and confirming the up-to-dateness of communication and other information. Although this method seems like a healthy method, it cannot be said that it is in use anymore since it is a system that brings extra resource load for association management and progresses slowly.

2. Automation

With Aidango association management software, updating member database is much easier. Thanks to the ability to use social media accounts while logging into the system via your website, all up-to-date data of the member is automatically updated from the social media accounts when logging into the system, ensuring the update of the member database. This method also increases the user experience for your member.

3. Self Update

Every person who is a member of your association can log in on your website with the username and password provided, update their profile, contact and other information, and pay dues and donations. Aidango offers fully customizable forms and a panel where you can always update all the information you request from your members. In this way, each member can ensure that their information is up-to-date without any trouble.

Apart from the three items mentioned above, there are many facilities offered to you by Aidango. To mention these briefly;

1. You can send e-mails and sms to your members from the communication module on your Aidango management panel. By examining the status reports generated by the system as a result of these e-mails and sms, you will have the opportunity to easily determine which e-mail or telephone number is no longer up-to-date.

2. When you come together with your members at the events organized by your association, you will have the chance to update your members' information with a mobile phone or tablet computer you will have in the event area. Thanks to the applications developed for Android and iOS, you have the freedom to access the system from all devices and do the operation you want.

3. With Aidango, you have the opportunity to update the data of more than one member at once by performing a batch update process. In addition, the information of your members is kept under protection with special layers of security.

4. Based on all these up-to-date data, you can divide your members into different categories, and send customized e-mails and sms, taking these categories into consideration.

In this article, we talked about the convenience of the member database and Aidango association software in updating the member database. For more detailed information about Aidango, do not hesitate to contact us.