03 May 2021

How to Establish an Association?

Gürkan Akın
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How to Establish an Association?

Establishing an association is a process that must be managed in accordance with some rules determined by the law of associations and additional regulations. In this article, where we will try to answer the question of how to establish an association, you can find the information you will need to establish an association.

1. To establish an association, you must first find at least 7 people gathered around a goal. The Law on Associations has determined the lower membership limit required to establish an association as 7. There is no upper limit on this issue. The point to be considered here is to clarify the status of these members.

2. Each association is known by its name. Therefore, you must determine the name of your association. This stage, which is often underestimated, may not be as easy as it seems. You are not allowed to use restricted words and inclusive words.

To give an example, the words subject to restrictions: Names such as Atatürk, Türk, Türkiye, Milli, Cumhuriyet and Mustafa Kemal can only be used subject to permission. Inclusive words, on the other hand, can be exemplified by words such as all, all, all. After your association reaches a certain number of members, you may have the chance to use inclusive words. By the way, as in every institution, the names of the associations must be unique. You are not allowed to bear the same name as an association that was established and continues its activities.

3. In response to the question of how to establish an association, the third step is to create the association's charter. The charter of the association has two different writing styles, with and without branches. The Presidency of Associations, which thinks that you may be confused about this issue, offers sample statutes for you to use. You can create your association charter by taking the appropriate sample and placing your own information in the relevant fields.

4. Like every legal entity, associations must have an address. The important detail here is that if the address of the association is in a building where living spaces are located, you must obtain written permission from the residents. In addition, associations in their living spaces must have their own entrance doors.

5. We have come to the 5th stage in the question of how to establish an association. At this stage, we will talk about the documents required for the establishment of the association.

The documents you need to establish an association are:


4 (four) bylaws are prepared and signed by all founding members.

Association Establishment Notification

The foundation statement of the association is prepared as 2 examples. It is filled by the founding members.

Lease Contract or Letter of Consent and Notification List

If the address where the association was founded is for rent, a photocopy of the rental contract is sufficient. If the relevant house / building etc. is offered to the service of the association free of charge, a consent letter should be prepared.

The notification list is prepared in 2 (two) copies. It should contain the name of the association, information and signatures of the founding members.

6. The last step in the question of how to establish an association is to make an establishment application.

The association establishment application accepted by the Associations Bureau can be made by any of the founding members. The person appointed in this regard can apply to the closest Associations Bureau in the city where they are located, together with the documents.

In our country, the establishment stages of the associations determined by the law of associations and various legislations basically consist of the 6 stages we mentioned. Although seemingly easy, processes managed with incomplete information and infrastructure can become inextricable. It should be kept in mind that the management of the association is as important and challenging as the establishment process of the association. Fortunately, with the development of technology, there are successful automation software that intervenes in our lives. With Aidango, which is the best in its class in terms of these software, you will not have any problems managing all your processes since the establishment of the association and finding extra resources to allocate to the activities of your association. Thank you for reading this article, where we try to fully answer the question of how to establish an association. If you are looking for a strong solution partner in the management of the association, we welcome you to contact us to tell you what you will gain with Aidango.